April 16, 2012

its all about the coffee {D.I.Y Interior Design}

So, what does one do with all the travel souvenirs one collects? Gets creative! Not being one to collect typical souvenirs from my travels, like t-shirts and key chains. I try to find travel items that I can display in my home without them collecting dust or later being sold at a garage sale. One such item is a burlap coffee bag that I purchased three years ago in Colombia for less than $2. The intention was always to frame the large burlap bag and with the recent purchase of my first home it finally found a place.
The coffee bag was huge! Trying to find an inexpensive frame for the scale of the bag was actually quite easy, I went to IKEA and purchased the RIBBAS frame (72cm x 102cm). I had to trim the bag & cut off one of the sides as it would've been too thick for the frame. Made a huge mess! Since the bag had been in storage for 3 years I also had to steam the creases (carefully). Nonetheless, I'm happy with the outcome. Another way to display the bag would've been to stretch it over an artists' canvas and staple the edges.
Do you collect travel souvenirs too? And how do you display your travel finds?


  1. Love it Monica! I love the idea of taking souvenirs from you trip as decor in the home. Hoping to score some really great keepsakes from Paris that we can display - that and photos of course!

  2. Can I just say how much I LOVE this! What a great idea, it looks so very cool! And much more interesting than a tshirt or keychain :)


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