May 03, 2012

a chick with silky hair {Mixed Chicks & Live Clean: reviews}

One of my pet-peeves about leave-in hair products is crunchy hair and build-up. I have the most unmanageable hair (for some reason hairstylists love it), I have to work on my hair in order for it to look good. Which means that 90% of the time my hair is either in a ponytail or loose bun. Boring!
Believe me I am willing to try any hair product that hydrates and conditions hair. Problem is most products either leave my hair flat, frizzy, and dry. Oh sure they work at first but after a few months I need a clarifying product due to all the buildup. Finally two products and so far no buildup.
Rewind two months ago, two products arrived at my door step to review. Sure! Promises...promises! Two months later and still loving:
Mixed Chicks Hair Silk; a hair serum that can be applied on wet &/or dry hair. Can be used to achieve straight smooth hair or for a curly look, any texture really. I prefer to apply a quarter size on wet hair (my hair is past my shoulders), starting at the ends & working my way up the hair shaft. A little goes along way, this light serum doesn't weigh hair down. Hair will dry looking and feeling natural, like no product. The way I like my hair to look! For a more polished look apply dime size on dry hair.
live clean professional: damage therapy Restoring Spray; the eco-friendly line of personal care products has added a new addition to their haircare, a professional line. This product leaves my hair incredibly soft and touchable. Spray all over hair while wet and wide-tooth comb hair. I use this before the Mixed Chicks Hair Silk. Lots of good ingredients in this product + free of harm-full chemicals, check out the ingredients here. The key ingredient is the 100% pure kendi oil, a light oil that doesn't weigh hair down.

The above two products used together have changed the way I style my hair. As I'm trying to let my hair grow out hair dye to get it super healthy I've been trying to use gentle products. These two products make that easy! Also, for the last two months I've been using sulfate-free shampoos, which include both the  haircare brands above. Switching to sulfate-free has made a huge difference.
Look for a post on sulfate-free haircare soon, with expert advice from my very own hairstylist who swears by sulfate-free products. I'll explain; what is sulfate-free, the benefits and the difference.

Product information:
Mixed Chicks-is a set of products developed for diverse hair textures. Meet the original hair chicks and learn more about the products here
order online or several locations in Canada

Live Clean products are available at most drugstores in Canada and mass-merchandise stores.
For more info on where to buy in Canada & US click here for locations.
(As for all my reviews: non-paid, based on my personal experience, no future compensation will be given)

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