May 01, 2012

Confessions of a Flight Attendant {Travel Tuesday}

Today's Travel Tuesday is about  my job...if your new to my blog I'll let you in on a secret. Blogging does not pay my bills and very few bloggers I know have been able to leave their day jobs and blog full-time. So, how does one gal afford her beauty addiction? She works of course! I started this blog and working as a flight attendant simultaneously. It was an unconscious decision to begin writing beautyparler, combining my two passions coincided perfectly. It occurred to me to start a travel blog instead but the idea of a beauty blog was already planted in my head months before I applied for the job. While I was teaching English overseas I caught the travel bug. Shopping for beauty products was a past time, I was addicted  hooked on and the latter also filled my down time from teaching English. I longed to read and speak English while abroad and quite frankly was a bit lonely so I turned to the internet. Upon my return to Canada I was out of a job and the airline I now work for was hiring. So, I went to the open house only to be greeted by 200+ flight attendant hopefuls. I almost left...
(image Lavazza Calendar 2006, photographer: Ellen Von Unwerth)
Fast forward five years and here I am still blogging and working as a flight attendant, I love both! Its not easy scheduling blog time and working therefore whenever there's a lapse in between posts its most likely due to my paying job. And on days I return home I could either be too tired or jet-lagged. 
The next chapter in my life is trying to get my business plan of creating a cosmetics line into a reality. A dream I've had for the last three years. But before that I will continue to enjoy the two things I love most: travel and beauty. 
If you liked today's Travel Tuesday post let me know. Next week I'll share the Not-So-Glamorous part of the job!
(images via Dark Roasted Blend)


  1. Such a great post Monica! Loved reading about a little snippet of your life as beauty blogger and flight attendant. Yah, wish I could blog full-time but I love doing makeup so it all works out! And amazing news on going forward with your cosmetic brand idea!!!!! I remember you telling me about it a while ago! So happy for you and if you need a guinea pig/makeup artist holla!! XO

  2. Thanks!
    Forsure you can be my guinea pig:))
    Honestly, still in the early stages but the idea is so unique really want to get it out there.

  3. Amazing! If you can do something so unique that hasn't been done yet then sign me up!! So excited for you!

  4. Loved reading about how you chose your job - it's so interesting! I always think it's such a glam profession - and good look with creating your cosmetics line :-) It sounds intriguing!

  5. Great post!
    You're an amazing person and I know you will excel in whatever you do!

  6. Thanks Ladies!!
    @Jenn, that's such a sweet thing to say thank you! I needed that:-)


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