June 12, 2012

ElevenSkin Review

(image: ElevenSkin)
The power of the blogger; a few months ago while reading one of the many blogs I follow, Andi from Salt Water Dreams raved about a skincare line called ElevenSkin. After reading her review I was intrigued, naturally as any beauty blogger would be. I had never heard of ElevenSkin, and Andi was kind enough to send me a kit. The ElevenSkin Anti-Aging kit includes:
ElevenSkin Refresh Cleanser
ElevenSkin Hydrate Serum
ElevenSkin Protect Day Créme/SPF 18
ElevenSkin Smooth Eye Créme
ElevenSkin was created by Nicole Oden, having worked in investments for 12 years Oden changed her career path. Going from a predominately "Man's World", Oden's true passion was in skincare and her belief that one's skin is the "first layer of confidence" became her driving force in creating ElevenSkin. The basis of ElevenSkin is the Sea, Oden realized the benefits marine extracts had on the skin from an early age from vacationing seaside.
First, before getting into the actual products. I have to add that I love the simplicity of the packaging. Easy to read, not too much jargon and looks lovely on the bathroom vanity. Aside from the look, the easiness of the four-step skincare process is a bonus. There were a couple of favourites and not-so favourites from the line.
ElevenSkin Faves;
Refresh Cleanser- Love the cleanser!! Non-drying, washes all makeup off including mascara and leaves skin hydrated. A natural light refreshing scent and doesn't irritate the skin. Its a watery-based gel cleanser that contains several natural oils such as; olive, jojoba, sage, cypress, and green tea extract. Reminds me of Japanese Oil Cleansers that emulsify with water but not as oily. Would purchase in future!

Protect Day Creme/SPF18- a creamy lotion, looks thicker than actually is but goes on like a lotion which I prefer. Hydrates my combination skin wonderfully, works well under makeup and I don't look like a grease-ball afterwards. For beach-side, I'd prefer a higher SPF factor but as a daily SPF cream I really like the texture and feel on skin.

ElevenSkin not so-faves;
As all my reviews, this is based on personal preference of texture, feel of skincare and skin reactions.
Glad to report that my skin did not react badly to any of the ElevenSkin products! Overall, my skin liked the ElevenSkin skincare line.
Hydrate Serum- I had high expectations of the Hydrate Serum as it was one item that continuously gets high reviews across the internet. Reminds me of the cleanser; in terms of scent and colour (milkier) also contains a few of the same essential oils. My only dislike of the serum was that I found it sticky on the skin otherwise the gel-like milky serum would be great for me if not so tacky-feeling.

Smooth Eye Créme- as I prefer gel/lotion type of eye creams I found this to be slightly thick for my eye area. For that reason alone this didn't make my favourites list. Would work nicely for those with drier eye areas though! Didn't irritate eye area and I was able to take it all the way up to brow bone area.

For more information on ElevenSkin;
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Thank you Andi for introducing me to ElevenSkin!
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(images: ElevenSkin)


  1. I love ElevenSkin! Andi was very kind to send these goodies to some bloggers. I would purchase them on my own, and will when I use them up!

  2. Yes, Andi is awesome! I will definitively get the cleanser, so good.

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  4. I started using ElevenSkin in March 2012 after watching an infomercial. I love what it does for my skin. The cleanser is so refreshing too. I've received many compliments and I'm wearing less makeup because ElevenSkin brings out that natural glow.


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