June 12, 2012

Sulfate-Free 101 with Eva Therese {haircare}

sulfate-free shampoo

By now most of you have heard of sulfate-free shampoos. But, do you know what sulfate-free actually means. I posed the question to my hairdresser Eva Therese, who not only is the most knowledgeable hair guru I know but is in the process of developing her own all-natural sulfate-free haircare line, LOVE MY. Whenever Eva and I get together we can talk for hours, her about hair and me about beauty products!
(1) The most obvious and basic question, what is sulfate-free?
Sulfate-free are shampoo's or cleaning products created without the use of sulfates. Sulfates are detergent's that create the foam we are accustom to associating with clean hair. It is a very inexpensive way for shampoo companies to create a product that people see as cleaning their hair. Sulfates create dry scalp, itching, excessive oil production, and have been linked to cancer with long-time use. The same product with sulfates you are using to clean your hair, is actually damaging your hair and scalp.

(2) What are the benefits of using sulfate-free hair products?
The benefits I have observed from using sulfate-free are; increased softness, healthy and beautiful hair. The clients that have followed through with religiously using sulfate free tell me that they no longer get dry scalp, their hair is shiny and healthy and no longer gets excessively oily. Also, their colour lasts very well because it is not being stripped by the sulfates. The biggest hurtle is training your mind to understand that lather doesn't equal clean hair. All the years of watching ads with heads full of suds and the correlation to clean hair is hard for some people to get past. When you use sulfate-free, it leaves the hair healthy because hair need some of the natural oils to lubricate the scalp and hair so you don't get dry-scalp and dry brittle hair. They are there for a reason. Lather rince and repeat means more shampoo used by consumers and more money for the company. That doesn't mean it is best for healthy hair and scalp.

(3) Is there a sulfate-free adjustment period? The concept of little to no suds is a bit weird because for years the idea of clean hair has been connected to soapy bubbles. Any sulfate-free hair products you recommend?
It takes a few weeks for your hair to adjust to using sulfate-free before your hair to balance and your scalp to stop over-producing oil. My favorite sulfate-free is DermOrganic shampoo. It is the only one I love enough to retail in my studio. Everyone that has bought it raves about their hair!

(4) What is the most asked hair question from your clients?
The most-asked question from my clients is regarding the foam. They're worried that their hair is not clean without the foam. I advise them to extend the time between shampoo's by a day at a time, until they are only shampooing 1-2 times per week, 1 time max for curly hair as it tends to be drier. Then I tell them to give it a chance, and stick with it. All who have rave about how they can't believe how much healthier their hair is, and they just have to think of the product as cleansing their hair and not stripping it. It takes 2 weeks to 1 month to see true results.

Thank you Eva! It was a pleasure interviewing you and I know my readers will enjoy reading about sulfate-free too.
For more information about Eva Therese;
visit her blog Eva Therese Studios
or on her facebook page, my favourite is looking over her before/after pictures of hair

As for me, although I've tried a few sulfate-free shampoos in the past the stand-out winners at this time are;
Live Clean haircare products; in general, they are budget-friendly and free of many harsh chemicals and use organic botanical ingredients
Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo; recently purchased this at Walgreens (also available at Target, not sure where in Canada-Walmart does carry a selection of Shea Moisture products). Love the natural ingredients in this product! Hair feels soft and healthier.

Do you use sulfate-free haircare products? What are your favourites?

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