June 05, 2012

my new BFF {HANA Air Professional Hairdyer}

I have a confession...my coarse thick hair is the least of my beauty priorities. Of course if you stopped by my house you'd never know that, my "little" beauty salon is stocked as well as any hair salon. The issue I have with my hair is *cough* laziness. Yes, that's my hair confession! OK, in all fairness my hair is up 90% of the time due to my job. Working as a flight attendant doesn't allow me to get too creative with my "do"! However, this hair laziness is not due to lack of hair product knowledge. I just can't bother styling my hair everyday. I digress...the value of having the proper hair tools is essential. For those days that I must have perfectly coiffed hair (basically a great blow-out) I prefer a professional hairdryer. My old Avanti hairdryer still worked well but this wouldn't be a beauty blog would it if I never reviewed new items. For a vast selection of salon quality hairstyling tools Misikko offers some of the top products and at very reasonable prices. 
Move-over old hairdryer there is company and her name is HANA Air Professional Hair Dryer.

This plain looking hairdryer is exactly what I love about it, simple design but salon quality. Obviously, you can walk into a mass merchandise store to pick up a "so-so" hairdryer but there are several factors I look for.
(1) Wattage! Depending on your hair texture the higher the wattage the hotter the airflow will be. Look for hairdryers with atleast 1800 watts (if your hair is coarse like mine), the Hana is equivalent to 2300 watts.
(2) Hot/Cold buttons; Hana has 3 heat settings, 2 fan speeds and a cold shot button which I like to use at the very end. Seals my hair & makes it shiny.
(3) the Nozzle! For straightening I prefer thin nozzles, so the airflow is more concentrated but don't place the nozzle directly on hair shaft. You want to keep the nozzle moving downwards a few centimeters away, starting at roots to end.
(4) Bonus! Technology. The Hana has Tourmaline and Ion technology; helps reduce static and frizz, makes hair softer and shiner.
I do find the Hana slighter heavier than my old hairdryer but the results are worth it! So, on my non-lazy days I now turn to my Hana Air Professional Hairdryer. The overall shopping experience from  Misikko is great! Fast delivery, solid sturdy packaging and a free heat proof mat.
For more info:
Hana air Professional Hairdryer

What do you look for in a hairdryer? And which is your favourite?
(images: top-photobucket.com, bottom-misikko.com)
(disclaimer: item was received for review, no financial compensation has or will be received. Review based on personal experience)

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