June 05, 2012

Wish I was at the Beach {Travel Tuesday}

Wish I was at the beach or atleast near an ocean beach....oh how I miss the sand, water, and cool drink in hand. What are your plans this Summer? Mine will hopefully include a sunny destination. But don't forget your sunscreen, I'll be posting my favourite SPF's this month!
 Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Miami Beach, Florida-USA
Amorosa Beach, Northern Portugal
TelAviv, Israel
Cancun, Mexico
(images: property of beautyparler.ca)


  1. I've been craving a beach holiday - would love to go on a Caribbean cruise - but perhaps not this year as we've already taken 3 weeks of holiday already (oops!)

  2. Goodness yes, the beach sounds pretty good right about now. Can't wait to hear your SPF recommendations. :)


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