July 19, 2012

Summer Melt-Down SOS Series {Bacne}

With the Summer heat comes unwelcomed bacne, back pimples. For a mild case here is an easy Summer Melt-down S.O.S solution. First, what is causing the bacne? If you don't normally get bacne in other seasons than the Summer heat can be the culprit. Sweating and not wearing breathable clothing, thick sunscreens + sweating at the beach or playing outdoor sports, and a common cause in all Seasons is hair conditioner not washed off probably in the shower.
bacne Summer SOS

LUSH Ocean Salt
Scrubs are a girl's best friend in Summer. One of my favourites is LUSH Ocean Salt; sea salt, avocado, coconut, lime and vodka. The latter two ingredients are antibacterial which is key in getting rid of blackheads and clogged pores. Use this in the shower all over your back!

LUSH Tea Tree Water
After drying off spritz your back with this LUSH Tea Tree Water toner, let dry before you get dress. No alcohol in this toner only tea tree oil, grapefruit, and juniper. Also feels refreshing! I use this on my face too in the Summer.

If your bacne is moderate to severe, use a body wash first that contains salicylic acid of atleast 2% or higher and wash after you rinse your hair conditioner.
Do you get bacne in the Summer?


  1. I'm definitely going to try this. I keep hearing more amazing things about Tea Tree Oil but didn't know LUSH carried a line. Thanks for sharing.

  2. lush realy has amazing products. i personally love their karma line :D

  3. Great tips! I use Lush products a lot and they are very effective! Love the blog! Following you!


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