July 22, 2012

now boarding...{Travel}

now boarding...

Working as a flight attendant I have witnessed quite a few interesting outfits. Gone are the days where passengers would wear their finest. Now, its all about comfort. Comfort works for me too but I 'm not going to wear pj's on a flight (yes I have seen the bedroom/dorm look on flights). This week I am off to Colombia for two weeks for a much needed vacation. I will be visiting; Medellin, Cartagena, and Santa Marta. When I travel as a passenger I have my "comfort look"; blazer, a much needed scarf, ballet flats. That's it! As I will be checking luggage for this trip, normally I do carry-on but for two weeks a girl could only carry so much. Must leave room for shopping!!
Another must is my Longchamp le pliage shoulder bag, perfect for travel as it folds up and is durable. Travel Shopping tip: pick one up at most duty-free shops in major airports, less expensive.
In terms of shoes, I always do a ballet flat. Easy to take off at security, comfortable and stylish. A dark jean or one of the newest colourful jeans for Summer is perfect for a long flight.
For luggage, I love me a Samsonite luggage. Good warranty & I've never had a problem with any of mine. And I love passport covers; keeps your passport new!
What is your wardrobe staples for a flight? Any favourite luggage? Do you check luggage or do carry-on?


  1. Depending on where I'm going (i.e. how long the flight is), my on-board "uniform" ranges from regular street clothing consisting of soft jeans and a top with cardigan to yoga pants and long sleeved t-shirts or tanks with zippy tops (long haul flights). I'll always have a tote or carryall purse with some essentials (contact lenses and solution, lipgloss, passport, wallet and phone). For long haul flights, I usually pack a carry on suitcase with some underwear and at least one outfit change...just in case.

  2. Yes, extra emergency clothing is a must. Sometimes checked-in luggage doesn't make it:-)

  3. Too funny to think of some of the flight outfits you must have seen.
    Love the blazer and the blue le pliage bag you chose!

    I usually wear a light v-neck jumper, dark jeans and ballet flats with an ENORMOUS pashmina-type shawl (which also doubles as a blanket).

    When I used to travel between London and Toronto (pre-kids), I'd carry a large Herve Chapelier bag stuffed with snacks, toiletries & reading material. Nowadays I switch between the HC and a monogrammed Lands End Canvas tote...but carry more coloring books & mini toys and less reading material for me!

  4. love this! i always believe that you can be comfortable and still look great at the same time. i really like the idea of the sweatshirt blazer, super comfy!


  5. I think you have an amazing blog. :) thanks a lot for the share..

  6. totally crushing on your blog as a new follower! hope you'll follow me back.



  7. Beautiful essentials!
    Love the scarf!


  8. aww this is soo useful, i travel a lot so im always looking for good tips and info... thanks soo much!


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