August 16, 2012

Welcome Back!!

It has been a week since I arrived from my getaway to Colombia. More pictures and exciting discoveries to share with you from my trip in the weeks to come. From jumping into a volcano to discovering secluded beaches....
In most part everyone loves to travel, right? There are countless reasons as to why one travels and obviously for myself its not only a job requirement but a passion. Nonetheless, as much as I love to discover new places and meeting new friends its also an amazing feeling coming home.
Travel makes you...
appreciate where you come from
every time I travel I am thankful to live in an amazing country such as Canada
the opportunities my country has provided allows me to travel
when I travel & others ask, where you from? I proudly say Canada! the response has always been positive
nothing better than coming home to your own bed....
And on a side note I also missed blogging...
Do you love coming home after a vacation? What do you miss about your home while travelling?


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