September 18, 2012

hotel amenities by CHI Haircare {Travel Tuesday}

Hotel amenities are not on the top of my list of things to look at when I walk into any hotel room. Surprisingly, as obviously I love beauty products. The truth is I don't find hotel amenities to be of high quality, they tend to be water downed and very masculine smelling. Actually, I rarely touch the stuff and bring my own items. Perhaps its due to the fact that I practically live in hotel rooms and prefer to have a "piece of home" and familiar bath products provide that. As for hair tools, don't get me started on those retro style hairdryers that omit no power. Only on my travels to Brazil did I find a fantastic hotel hairdryer, read about here in a past post!

However, hotels must have finally caught on. The hotel chain Palace Resorts, has partnered with CHI haircare and body products.
“When most women travel, typically, they’ll find an average blow-dryer in their room — and certainly not a hair iron — so they will pack heavy hair tools and products.” said Gibran Chapur, Executive Vice President for Palace Resorts. “By partnering with CHI, a brand women know and love, Palace Resorts is further pampering them with the professional quality hair and beauty products they would find in a salon.”
Palace Resorts will carry both the CHI Pro Hairdryer and the CHI Ceramic Hairstyling Iron, if guests fall in love with the products they are also available for purchase.
“CHI professional tools and wetline products help women feel and look their best whether they’re preparing for a wedding, relaxing by the beach or spending an evening on the town. We are honored to partner with Palace Resorts to help them enhance the experience for their guests with the best in hair care while they are away from home,” Farouk Shami, Founder & Chairman of Farouk Systems.
Finally, a hotel chain that understands a woman's beauty needs. No longer necessary to carry travel-size hair tools. When I first started my career as a flight attendant I actually purchased a travel-size hairdryer and flat-iron. Five years later, I just wash and tie my hair in a bun.

If only other hotel chains would start carrying awesome hair and body products my bun would be a thing of the past!
For more information: Palace Resorts
For more information on CHI products: visit Farouk Systems

(images: courtesy of NewLink Group)

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