October 15, 2012

best online beauty shopping in Canada!

best of Canada's online beauty

Shopping online can be lethal to your credit card but no need to max-out buying products that don't live up to your expectations. Online shopping is best for repeat purchases, specifically when beauty products are on the list. Most online retailers offer; discounts, free shipping, promos, and my favourite...samples. We all know how difficult it can be to get free samples shopping in-person; never enough, no sample containers, and no samples offered. Another pet-peeve is the attitude at beauty counters! Obviously being a beauty bloggers has its advantages, however most "beauty consultants" don't want to be out smarted.   It is true that I do know far too much about beauty products than your average Jane, but I still need help at times. Repeat beauty purchases online apply more when choosing makeup shades. As for skincare, first time online shoppers can easily find great skincare products online. Skeptical, well that's what beauty blog reviews are for. They take the guess work out of buying crappy beauty products. Atleast, I hope so...and you can shop in P.J's!

The Shopping Channel:
How many nights have we've been flipping channels to get suckered into watching the beauty Showstopper Special? I know I have. I become mesmerized by the before & afters. Its addictive...However, what I love is many of the beauty products offered tend to be exclusive to The Shopping Channel.

Fresh Faced:
The best online in green beauty products, no toxic or harmful ingredients in the beauty brands they sell.
Free shipping on orders of $25 +
And their blog is not only informative but posts don't read like infomercials.

Murale, owned by Shoppers Drug Mart offers an eclectic array of beauty brands. No need to spend countless hours standing in front of beauty aisles looking like a dear in headlights. Now you can spend countless hours in front of a computer screen....kidding. Maybe not hours just a few minutes. Samples are offered with every purchase which you can select from a list upon check-out. Plus, you can gain Optimum points!

Carries an extensive line of products. Your one stop beauty shop!
Free Shipping on all orders of $50+
Constant promotions which include discounts on final price, up to $20 on certain orders.
Read & write reviews for others.

Which online beauty sites are your favourites?

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