October 16, 2012

the drogerie markt in Germany: Travel Tuesday

Germany is a country I love to browse the beauty section at the local DM-drogerie markt (Drug Store). Although, I can't read German or speak the language I have a pretty good understanding of how beauty products are displayed, sort-of, figuring out which products are what can be fun but time consuming. Otherwise, that's what images are for on packing. The DM workers either think I'm a terrible reader or I'm shop-lifting...either way I only hope the products I buy are actually what they are intended for.
I look for products not sold in North America or German-made products that are cheaper than in North America
love these Garnier haircare products, not available in North America

a little haul, which included a couple of household items:
detergent pen (for stains)
laundry sheets, for washer
body wash
facial cleanser
Went into a department store & saw these cute toys:
not real, cool right?

And time for a pretzel! yummy...
How do you shop while travelling? And what items do you like to buy?
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