November 06, 2012

Eat a Nata in Lisbon! {Travel Tuesday}

As a Luso-Canadian one of my favourite sweet treats are Natas! Yummy custard tarts in a flaky crust that I've discovered in my travels are basically found world wide. My favourite are the Portuguese version, perhaps I am biased, the once secret recipe reserved only within the walls of the monastery in Lisbon is no longer a secret.
Monastery of Jerónimos (image:
Many bakeries in Portugal claim to fame that theirs are a family secret favourite are when they are warm from the oven and lightly powdered in cinnamon.
the legendary natas from Pastéis de Belém (image:
There is a new NATA in town, in Lisbon that is, out to conquer your taste buds. This new bakery is out to deliver the best custard tart worldwide with opportunities to franchise. Eu gosto! Love the art deco feel of their logo...
While in Lisbon, take the best souvenir with you, the electric streetcar!
I could totally go for a Galão (the Portuguese version of a latte) and custard tart. So delicious on a cool, crisp, Fall afternoon! How I miss those months teaching English in Lisbon, strolling the streets aimlessly allowing myself to get lost and discovering little cafés along the way. 
Need a place to stay in Lisbon? My friend Carla will take care of that. Bairro Alto Houses offers affordable trendy chic vacation rentals in the most sought-after locations in Lisbon. 

Have you been to Lisbon, Portugal? Where would you like to travel next?

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  1. Hurray, I done that this year! My 1st Lisbon visit and I stayed at this really cheap and impeccably beautiful (big) apartment too about 3 minutes from the inner town. So budgetworthy, Lisbon!


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