December 14, 2012

Gift-Guide for the Beauty Addict {Holidays 2012}

Holiday Gift Guide

What to get that beauty addict that has every makeup product and skincare imaginable? 

  1. Organizers: should be on the top of that list because no matter if its already organized you know she's only going to buy more beauty products in 2013. On my wishlist is The Clear Cube, these clear acrylic drawers are big and store alot. They got alot of press when featured on Keeping up with the Kardashians
  2. Empty makeup palettes: magnetic ones are better! And the ZPalette is customizable' convenient, and neat. Time to depot and get organized.
  3. Makeup how-to books: my old timeless favourite is the Kevin Aucoin: Making Faces. Surely, this must be already in your library but for some reason if its not get it! The legend Aucoin was an inspiration and his work is beautiful.
  4. Beauty shop wisely: if you can't get enough of beauty blog reviews get the latest Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter without Me 9th Edition by Paula Begoun. She inspired me to start writing my own beauty blog! 
  5. Makeup Brushes: surely every beauty addict has her set of makeup brushes but more importantly is the quality! One of my favourite makeup brushes are the Crown Brushes: Italian Badger Collection, fantastic brushes that I buy at IMATS. 

Any other suggestions you would add to my list?

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