December 21, 2012

Secret Santa Gift-Guide {Holidays 2012}

secret Santa gift-guide

Secret Santa at work? Or Kris Kringle? Which ever term you use the thought of buying a co-worker a secret gift for the Holidays can be taunting. Especially if it's a co-worker you don't work closely with. Can't be too personal but just right...of course you can always buy booze. When the rules of Secret Santa specify a set dollar limit, finding the right gift without having to go the dollar store route can be difficult.

  • Hot Chocolate, Coffee, or Tea: everyone in the office enjoys a hot beverage. Get a gift they'll enjoy drinking while busy at their desk. Just make sure you get the beverage mix/blend of their choice. Nobody likes getting tea bags if they don't drink tea.
  • Hand Cream: this unisex gift is perfect because the worst thing is having to share your desk belongings. There's always that one co-worker who never has any hand cream but steals a little from you everyday! No sharing allowed...hands get dry in the Winter so back off get your own hand cream.
  • Ornaments: a multi-purpose ornament like the one from Philosophy is perfect as its not only decorative but also a facial cleanser.
  • Lip Balm: again another unisex friendly product that is perfect for the office. Nobody likes talking to flaky/dry lips!
  • Makeup Brush Cleanser: most women at the office have makeup brushes but do they have a brush cleanser? Perhaps not, Mary Kay has an affordable one that's easy to use.
  • Makeup Sets: Christmas is perfect for stocking up on makeup. Most major cosmetics lines have makeup sets or palettes of their best sellers at amazing prices. Maybe buy one for you & divide a few as gift bag stuffers. 

Do you celebrate Secret Santa at your workplace? Or amongst your friends? What items do you like buying?


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