January 04, 2013

a New Year a New Start? K.I.S.S

Every year countless resolutions are made but are they kept by year end? No...reason why I normally don't make any. Perhaps we don't keep our resolutions because we haven't met our bargain of the deal by mid-year and give up, or perhaps the resolutions were too far fetched. So this year I am keeping with my motto:

By keeping your resolutions simple they become attainable, baby steps. For me its as simple as living a healthier lifestyle. Due to my job as a Flight Attendant it's not always easy to eat properly and eat regularly due to time zones. However, planning food options ahead of time and eating properly on my days off will be my new focus. Remembering to take my vitamins and Omega 3's, in the past I was consistent for a few weeks than off the vitamin wagon. Also, juicing, making nutritious juices in the morning to start the day off right.  Another change will be to work out! Yikes, its been years...want to tighten up 'cause ladies you all know after a certain age things just don't hang like in your twenties. Tighten, firm, and lean muscle is what I want to achieve by year end.
And of course continue to blog, thankfully my five year old blog still serves as my creative outlet. Would love to explore new topics and grow.
Have you made any New Year's resolutions?

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