January 01, 2013

Best of 2012 travel {Travel Tuesday}


Now boarding the most popular travel posts in 2012! Weather it be travel for work, leisure, or perhaps travel tips I got you covered. Here are the top 5 posts in travel:

  1. U.K Beauty Buys: readers love to see & read what I buy but the U.K post got the most views! Close to 2000 hits.
  2. Now Boarding...: how to travel & what to wear comfortably for a flight!
  3. Now Boarding, Shoes: which shoes I find the most comfortable for work
  4. Confessions of a Flight Attendant: how & why I started working as a flight attendant & why I started blogging
  5. Skincare-on-the-Fly: my must-have travel essentials, constantly changing products but using the same routine.

Hope you enjoy my Travel Tuesday posts and let me know if there is a travel topic you would love me to cover. Also, which Travel Tuesday posts are your favourites!!


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