January 18, 2013

Best in Body Care: 2012

In terms of bodycare products 2012 proved to be a simple year. In general K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Sister). I am not into body products such as; sunless-tanners, body shimmers, or body spray deodorants. I haven't included sunscreens as there are a vast array of great body sunscreens in the market that I like. Here are simple bodycare products that deliver!
best in bodycare:2012

PreTAN Gentle Body Shower Gel
This product is targeted for those that like to use sunless tanning products but as mentioned I don't use sunless tanning products. However, on its own this is the best smelling shower gel! Refreshing, long lasting and a little product suds along way. Available on The Shopping Channel!

LUSH Ocean Salt Scrub
An old favourite for a reason; works well and especially in Summer great for bacne. I use this year round! Always a tub in the bathtub.

Johnson's Baby Oil with Aloe Vera Vitamin E
This version doesn't have that baby powder scent which I prefer. I have to admit my husband got me into this. He uses this right after his shower & I do too now. While skin is still damp leaves skin hydrated & layer with another favourite scented moisturizer if need be.

La Roche Posay Lipikar Lait
In general I'm a big fan of La Roche Posay products; simple products that work. Wear this on its on or over the baby oil (above) for added moisture in Winter. However, the latter is for those with very dry skin. This product on its own works wonders. Great for the whole family.

What were your favourite bodycare products of 2012?



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