January 17, 2013

Knock! Knock! {Travel Lounge}

In your travels do you ever wonder who lives behind closed doors? The stories, the past lives, the present, and why that particular door was chosen to be their entry or exit. I am a curious traveler by nature, in some respects we all are. We choose specific locations out of curiosity; for the history, culture, society. My favourite pictures to snap of during my travels are of doors. We all have that one image we love to snap...
Cartagena, Colombia
door knocker in Cartagena, Colombia
at a château outside of Paris, France
Ponte de Lima, Portugal
Villa Praia de Âncora, Portugal
What's your favourite subject/object to photograph on vacation?

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  1. I love these photos! I also enjoy looking at doors when I travel, specially the bright coloured ones like the one you have from Portugal. Xo



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