January 16, 2013

Makeup Brush Holder {Beauty 101}

Nobody likes a messy makeup area! The easiest and tidiest way to organize your makeup brushes is to display them. Easy access and they stay clean, no need to throw them into the makeup drawer where they will only attract dirt. So after you clean your brushes, time to organize your makeup brushes.
This is an updated version of my D.I.Y Brush Holder post, in my old post I used pebbles but I prefer the tiny beads I used in this project. You can also use beans, coffee beans, or sand. Get creative and use coloured beads and/or vintage coloured vases.

All items purchased from Dollarama, a dollar store chain in Canada. Items range from $1+;
  • beads $2 per bag (these are my favourite beads)
  • vases range from $1.50+
  • Makeup brushes (invest in quality makeup brushes)

 However, I have seen the E.L.F brand at Dollarama so if you just want a few inexpensive makeup brushes you can always start from there. Also, check out the local arts crafts store as a few of my eye makeup brushes are from Michael's Crafts.

How do you store your makeup brushes?


  1. I store my brushes in a vase too minus the beads. Now after seeing what you did I might just have to do the same.

  2. Super helpful! I have destroyed some by using hot water in the shower!


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