January 10, 2013

Promote your Blog {blogging 101}

You're at a party, blogging event, or any other function and most don't know you blog. Well, how do you get the conversation started? It's all about networking so the easiest is to promote your blog with an easy subtle method. Customize a cell phone case! Most of my co-workers don't know I blog, even after five years! Really it's not a conversation starter, "Hi I blog", is not the first sentence to come to mind. However, everyone is attached to their mobile phones and having your blog name on a case is a great way to introduce your hobby to strangers. Another reason is for bloggers, in particular at events; I have the worst memory attaching  faces to blog names and having a personalized case is another way not to be embarrassed you can't remember that blogger who you've had countless twitter tweets with. 
I use Zazzle for my blog cards and am signed up for discount codes, recently there was a code for cell phone cases and I couldn't resist creating my own. There are many designs and colour combos to work with and you can download your own image too. Cute, right?

What methods do you use to promote your blog?


  1. I never thought of this, it's such a good idea!

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  2. What a fabulous idea! I feel very uncomfortable about self promotion and I'm really terrible at it. I NEVER bring up in conversation that I have a blog, even in situations where I should. This would definitely be such an easy way to get me talking! :)

    xo Jenny

  3. Love this it looks so cute and really stands out!


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