January 08, 2013

V&A: Hollywood Costume {Travel Tuesday}

If you have the opportunity to travel to London this month you still have time to visit the Hollywood Costume Exhibition at the V&A Museum. The Hollywood Costume  exhibit features more than 100 costumes from the most popular films in history.
  • The Wizard of Oz, 1939, MGM/The Kobal Collection
  • ©V&A images
  • On a chilly Friday evening in December I took the #74 bus which literally dropped me off in front of the V&A Museum. On Fridays the museum is open late till 10 pm and free except for special exhibits like the Hollywood Costume. Arrive early, especially for the month of January as the exhibit ends on the 27th. With time to spare and a hungry belly off to the museum's cafe...

©V&A images
A gorgeous elaborate cafe is divided by three separate rooms, I sat in the above...these rooms were the first ever restaurants in a museum.
a yummy pot-pie for one
The Hollywood Costume exhibit is busy so arrive early and be patient as most of the costumes have written references which are a must-read for a background on: costume design, casting, character development, historical importance, etc...I was most excited to see the costumes from the Wizard of Oz!
©V&A images
The famous ruby slippers...did you know originally they were meant to be silver however were changed to ruby red so they would stand out.
I am always amazed how tiny actresses are; most of the actresses' costumes were petite and short in frame. And their waists! The green curtain dress from Gone With the Wind worn by Vivien Leigh was so tiny.
©V&A images
©V&A images

The Hollywood Costume Exhibition runs till January 27, 2013
for more information:
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  1. What an amazing exhibit!
    Thanks for sharing these pics!


  2. oh the exhibition looks amazing!!
    wish i could see it
    style frontier

  3. I wish i lived closer, I would love to see this!!!



  4. Amazing pics !
    Thanks for sharing them with us :)


    Coline !

  5. Which I could see this exhibit in person! I love costume design and what goes into it! :)


  6. How inspiring! Being so close to such magical items must have been otherworldly!


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