February 08, 2013

a Snowy Night...

a snowy night

The Great White North...the Toronto area has been hit with an average of 36 centimetres of snow in some areas. As a Canadian, born and raised, this is nothing new to me. However, for the few that haven't seen this much snow ever it can make for one crazy story to tell your grandkids. For the most part, a few curse words are said while trying to clear the driveways or trying to get home from work, but once home there's nothing better than sitting in front of the television drinking a hot cocoa.
Or take advantage of a quiet Friday night-in:
Clean your makeup brushes
Bake (try my yummy Banana Bread recipe)
Spa-night=mask time
Hot Water bottle to stay warm while catching up with the latest blog posts
Hot Cocoa or Tea time
A perfect relaxed night in...when was the last time you did that on a Friday night?

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