February 05, 2013

Travel Tuesday: at the airport

My work as a flight attendant involves more than just working on a plane. Alot of my time is spent in airports; delays, cancellations, Mother Nature all play into having to hangout at any given airport at any time of the day. Its not always pleasant but a good crew always helps....
the smallest International Airport I've ever seen, Exuma International Airport,
on this particular day the whole crew got out to take pictures while groomers cleaned the plane,
passengers upon boarding asked why we were taking pictures,
thought something was wrong with the plane or airport,
we just told them we were passing time & enjoying the weather!
this past weekend in Halifax we encountered the beginning of a snowstorm,
we were one of the only planes to land and take-off,
I love snow (only when it can be enjoyed at home)....
Have you ever gotten stuck at the airport due to delays? How did you pass the time?


  1. Yup - definitely been stuck. If I have to be delayed - I want it to be in an airport like Heathrow where there's lots of good food to eat, shopping & bookstores - no chance of getting bored :-)

    Worse is when you're stuck at the gate & the only food options are a vending machine or greasy nachos :-(

  2. I love love love airports. I don't particularly love flying, but I'm such a weirdo that I love going through security and seeing how quickly I can finish my turn.


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