April 18, 2013

Stylish Maternity Wear: shopping

maternity fashion

These last few weeks I've been on the hunt to find stylish affordable maternity clothing. Yes, on the hunt because who knew that maternity clothing can be pricey and ugly. Well, I wasn't aware of the dowdy and dated maternity clothing in the market.

A few retailers that have impressed me are:

  • H&M
  • Zara (very limited selection online and not available in-stores in Canada)
  • Old Navy (for basics)
  • GAP (online only, as not available in Canada)
  • Target (I own the above pair on far right & they are the most comfortable mat jeans)

In reality I'm quite fortunate that at my biggest it will be in the Summer which means maxi dresses!
How cute are the floral jeans? So cute.
This week I've reached 17 weeks and really started to show. My regular clothing no longer fits and I've tried the Belly Bands but find them uncomfortable with my regular pants.
Let the shopping begin!

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