June 09, 2013

Prom makeup on a budget!

Prom makeup on a budget

So your prom is this month? Still adding last minute touches to the dress and deciding on hair and makeup, step back and breathe. I could still remember the weeks leading up to my prom, more than 15 years ago (yikes). I actually went to a tanning bed (won't be doing that again), had acrylic nails and set up my hair appointment. The latter was a disaster! I hated my hair, my hair was short and dyed black (from having been a hair model a couple months earlier) there wasn't much I could do to my hair. But, the hairdresser was able to do an up-do that looked like a basket on my head...not a good look! Atleast my makeup would look great because I knew makeup!
And since you're already spending a small fortune save on makeup as there are great budget friendly options.
my favourites include-Rimmel Sexy Curves, Cover Girl Lash Blast &/or Annabelle Twist Push-Up Mascara
Maybelline Define-a-Brow, hands down favourite affordable eye pencil 
tip-for pictures do pencil your brows in lightly, makes a difference in pictures
Annabelle Perfect Bronze or Physician's Formula Bronzers are great options
lots of affordable options, my faves-NYX blushes, Physician's Formula blushes
NYX lipglosses, Annabelle Twist-Up lipstick pencils or Covergirl lipbalm pencils are great!
BB Creams-embrace your youthful skin (maybe you don't realize it now) keep your base natural. Cover Girl BB cream is awesome as is Marcelle BB Cream
long lasting Maybelline Colour 24 hr Tattoo, splurge & get the Urban Decay Naked Palette and MAC is always a good bet for quality and shades!

Any Prom makeup disasters you'd like to share?


  1. Great picks! It sure doesn't always have to be expensive.

  2. Sorry to hear about your basket, I mean your hair :D.
    But on a serious note, whether I'm on a budget or not, I usually make sure that I've been using certain makeup or skincare for awhile, and not trying or experimenting new ones right before a big event. You never know if one of them is going to react badly to your skin. I think this doesn't only apply to less expensive products, expensive ones can cause a problem too.

  3. I love using BB creams. I agree with you that natural is better. I have been wanting to try the new Maybelline Colour 24 hr Tattoo eyeshadow but I wasn't sure about the results I would get. Thanks for the tips. I love your blog and all your advice. :)

  4. I'd really like to try the NYX blushes! They seem so nice :)


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