June 18, 2013

Beauty passport part 1: Travel Tuesday

beauty passport

The best part working as a flight attendant is of course the shopping. Better yet are finding beauty products not usually available in your home country. Obviously the internet has made shopping at a click of a key easier to buy products Worldwide, however, shipping can be expensive. Also, being able to smell and touch a product is part of the beauty shopping experience.
I have so many favourites that I couldn't include all of them in one post. Missing is Canada and the U.S, which I've intentionally omitted as I review those products the most. Other top beauty favourites are from France! Which in itself would contribute to a whole post. 
World Favourites:
Portugal-Couto tooth paste (can be found at fine food stores globally) but at a much higher price. 
Also, love the retro packaging!
Claus Porto soaps are not only fantastic smelling but the art deco packaging is so pretty! I'm a sucker for pretty packaging. Also, easily found at fine food and home decor stores.

U.K-Love This Works:Perfect Skin Miracle!! I have never seen this product outside the U.K. 
Collection Cosmetics (formerly Collection 2000), I have raved so many times about the Lasting Perfection concealer that my co-workers got hooked. Hoping that while on maternity leave one of them will bring me back a few! Inexpensive makeup line that carries a few hits but some misses too. 

Spain-Heno de Pravia, widely available in Spain.Love the scent of these body care products! Shoppers Drug Mart carried this line years ago but discontinued.

Japan-another country that carries wonderful hair and skincare products. My top faves are: Shiseido Tsubaki shampoos and conditioner.
Also, FANCL skincare products are amazing!

Brazil-in Brazil you can find the best haircare products for dry hair. Beauty supply stores are easily found which carry salon brands. Novex carries a bamboo deep hair conditioner that my hair absolutely adores!
O Boticario, sells great smelling perfumes, makeup and body care products. Also can be found in Portugal. My faves include the body moisturizers and sun protection line.

What are some of your favourite beauty products only available elsewhere?

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  1. Wow!!! They really seem great products. No wonder why you love them. Most of my favorites are very easy to find so I am not having a hard time finding them when I need them. I also make sure that they are easy to find so it will be hassle free for me =)


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