July 05, 2013

a Nursery in Progress {decor}

nursery inspiration

The baby is due in September and my second bedroom, which was being used as a blog room, is slowly getting transformed. So sad to see my little blog space coming to an end however I'm excited to start a new chapter in my life! For me its the over whelming feeling of where to store all my beauty items. I'm brain storming ideas so hopefully it will work. 
I also know that babies come with alot of baby items. Of course many that aren't necessary. As first time parents we get too excited with all things "cute" but the fact is you don't need all the latest baby gadgets. 
In terms of design I've opted out of getting a change table as I don't feel the need for one. Having taken care of my niece and nephews I never used it. 
I already purchased the crib and mattress from Marlene's Just Babies (in Toronto), comes in: white, java or two-toned. I decided to go the classic route with the java. Although I really wanted a two-toned crib their version wasn't exactly what I was looking for and I liked the java shade for a boy.
Originally I didn't really have a theme but lately I've been liking a travel theme...I don't want to go overboard with it but just a few travel elements. 
For colour, the walls were painted a pale yellow when we moved in so sticking with that. And going to work with yellows and grays. 
Right now I'm on the hunt for a two-toned dresser/tall boy. Crossing my fingers I'll have luck on kijiji!
Although it feels like I still have lots of time all new moms tell me it goes by fast so take advantage of your time now! I plan too...


  1. o exciting for you! And it's not too early at all! I went into labour 1 month early, so being prepared is ALWAYS a good thing! ;)

  2. So exciting, darling!
    Love these pieces!



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