July 05, 2013

Before & After: Blog Room {decor}

(picture of 2nd bedroom from open house)
As a blogger having a creative space to blog is a bonus in any house. But as a beauty blogger I also needed an area to store all my beauty products! And I have alot, more than I'll ever use in my lifetime. That's why my friends love to come over because they always leave with a goody bag.
My little townhouse only has two bedrooms so this space also needed to double up as a guest bedroom. Which is alot to expect from a little room! But in order to make it work, lots of storage was needed.
I knew eventually the space would turn into a nursery. Didn't realize how fast that dream was to become a reality. My husband kept telling me, "once you finally finish the blog room that's when we'll get pregnant". Yes, that happened! But that's for another post.

replaced carpet with hardwood floors & added new baseboards
sorry! not exactly the best quality After pic but the room is now a mess
Desk, from kijiji-sanded, primed and painted
Storage, underneath the desk & the printer all full of makeup
no-sew curtain tutorial (so easy!), fabric from IKEA
pillow from Primark (always knew it was going to be a BOY!)

print by Jen Ramos of Made by Girl
Can't wait to start working on the nursery!
(all images beautyparler.ca)

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