July 10, 2013

Favourite Body Oils {skincare}

favourite body oil

Ever since I found out I was pregnant I've been dousing myself in body oils, literally! Of course I've used body oils before but not to the extent now. Twice a day, morning and night. Geez, it's like I'm a body builder prepping before a show, except no muscles. Maybe the idea behind my oil madness is that the more I put on the less chances of getting stretch marks. Which in all reality has alot to do with genetics. I've contemplating making my own anti-stretch mark oil but I don't want a repeat of my Oil Cleansing making days.
I've narrowed down my current favourites, body oils are a great way to hydrate skin. I also like the way legs look after they've been oiled. Great Summer look!

Hollywood Vitamin E Oil
Any Vitamin E oil that you like will do. I just happened to find this brand at a local beauty supply store and it was super cheap. Under $5 cdn, of course probably not the highest grade but Vitamin E is not the most expensive oil in the market so its a great oil to use. I like to use it on my tummy and boob area.

Vichy NutriExtra Extraordinary Dry Oil
Firstly ,love the smell of this oil. It comes in a spray bottle format which makes it super easy to apply on body. Especially, like this for my legs and arms. I don't use it on my tummy area as prefer non-fragranced oils in that area. Also, can be used on hair which is great for sleek high ponytails. Contains nine different oils!
$29.50 cdn

Raw Essentials by Carol Alt Body Oil
I use this mostly on my legs and arms, occasionally on the tummy and boobs. Hydrates nicely and leaves a natural scent. Picked this up on a whim as was in the clearance bin at Shoppers Drug Mart. 
$5.00 cdn (clearance price)

Live Clean (baby) Bath & Message Oil
I've raved about this oil so many times now. Will definitely use this on the baby in the future. Spreads nicely, not too oily therefore doesn't stain my clothing. I use this mostly on the tummy and boobs. 
$6.99 cdn

Do you use a body oil as part of your daily routine?


  1. I don't use an oil during the summer because it just feels too heavy (even if its not - just the thought of it LOL!)...but I do use one on the kids once in a while...I'm definitely going to try the Live Clean one...the Johnsons baby one isn't cutting it anymore LOL! I used to love the Burts Bees baby oil - but the glass bottle it came in scared me (slippery oil + glass bottle = bad idea!)

  2. You'll love the Live Clean oil & it doesn't have that baby powder smell!


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