July 10, 2013

MAC by Request {Spring 2014}

Ah the good old 1990's! The decade I discovered makeup and spent all my part-time money at MAC. Being a teenager in the 90's meant; nude pencil outlined lips, burgundy matte lips, lots of mascara and the smokey-eye for those late club nights. I could name every MAC lipstick at the counter. Back in the 90's if you wanted great colour selection and quality you'd go to MAC. The drugstore makeup collections back then didn't offer the present day vast selection.
Did you have favourites? For the second year in a row MAC has brought back MAC by Request. They picked the most beloved shades from the 1990's and 2000's and you get to vote which shades make a comeback for Spring 2014. The most popular six shades; 3 lipsticks and 3 eyeshadows chosen by fans will be released.
shade: Flavour
as seen in Freedom Colour Additions –1994
Soft, muted peachy-pink (Satin)

shade: Glam
as seen in VIVA GLAM – 1992
Vivid, bright pinky-red (Matte)

shade: Hoop
as seen in Le Groove Colour – 1991
Mid-tone rosey-pink (Matte)
shade: pink poodle
as seen in Valentine’s Day Collection –2000
Vivid, fuchsia-pink (Frost)
shade: Rozz
as seen in Circa Pre-1990
Watermelon reddish pink (Matte)
shade: Tomango
as seen in Circa Pre-1990
Bright reddish orange (Matte)
shade: Ashbury
as seen in M·A·C Mod – 1990
Matte taupey grey (Matte)

shade: Butterscotch
as seen in Circa Pre-1990
Matte warm beige (Matte)
shade: Chill
as seen in Le Groove Colour – 1991
Soft white with shimmer (Satin)
shade: Diesel
as seen in Freedom Colour Additions – 1994
Cool grey frost (Frost)
shade: Fiction
 as seen in Colour Abstractions/Additions – 1997
Muted green with shimmer (Frost)

My top choices:
lipsticks-Glam, Pink Poodle, Tomango
eyeshadows- Ashbury, Chill, Fiction

Which shades do you like? Now if they could only bring back lipstick shade Folio!
(source &  images: MACCosmetics)


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