July 18, 2013

K.I.S.S: Summer Survival

Summer Survival
My only objective this Summer...is to keep cool! It has been an inferno here in Toronto these last few days. How about your area? And being pregos during this heat results in lots of sweating, which some people mistake as pregnancy glow. Seriously, in this weather I'm not glowing!
My motto when it comes to beauty has always been K.I.S.S, Keep It Simple Sister. And there's no better time than now to practice that. Serisously, a full makeup face in this weather? No, not me.
Here are some of my favourite survival items:
Facial Water Spray:
Currently loving Vichy Eau Thermale, carry this in the car & spray when hot. Feels amazing!!
The one beauty item that is easy to apply in Summer and won't smear or melt off your face. Love the Yes to Carrots Lip gloss in shade Flirty Pink (raved before in past). Although I've never been a fan of flavored lip products the peppermint in this gloss is so refreshing. A gorgeous natural pink shade that adds shine and moisturizes. Unfortunately, I buy these in the U.S and I don't think available in Canada (if someone can confirm).
Drink lots of water! An obvious choice but dehydration in this weather is not fun. Drink more than you usually do.
I love watermelon in the Summer! Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, high in water content, and yummy!
Tinted moisturizers or BB Creams:
Loving the L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB cream, since this one has no SPF layer over your favourite sunscreen & you won't feel oily. This has a slight mattifying effect which I love for Summer. Doesn't feel greasy, nor heavy, and adds a light coverage. Feels slightly grainy at first because of the suspended pigments that emulsify as you spread the product.
Makeup remover wipes:
The Neutrogena All-in-One Makeup Removing cleansing wipes take off all the sweat and grime from the day. I do follow with a cleanser however I like taking the first layer of makeup off with a wipe. These also feel so good if you leave them in the fridge and wipe your face in the morning. So refreshing!

What are your Summer Survival tips?

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