July 03, 2013

Sweet Leaf Bath Shea in the Buff {review}

Dry skin? Summer time means showing off a little more skin and no gal likes dry flaky ashy skin. Especially, the elbows, knees, and feet. Ever since I got pregnant I find myself taking extra care of my body. I've always moisturized before but I find more so now. Perhaps, because I also oil my tummy area I find that taking a few extra steps with the rest of my body makes me feel great. A little message never hurt and ensures that the product is spread properly.
Being pregnant has me also looking closer to ingredients, what we put on our skin is as important as what we eat. In the process, using less chemicals and keeping to more natural products is key to a healthier lifestyle.
This is where Sweet Leaf Bath Co., is discovered. I'll be honest if it wasn't for That PR girl sending me this awesome body butter I would've never discovered it (atleast not yet).

All of Sweet Leaf Bath Co., products are hand-crafted and made in small batches, bonus! The Shea in the Buff butter ingredients list is, Organic fair trade shea butter. That's it! Comes in a cute 100% compostable jar.
A little goes along way and this will last you forever. It is solid so the first time you use it I find it easier to scrap the top a bit to really get into the product. Moisturizes well and gets rid of flaky skin. Highly recommend it if you suffer from extreme dry skin. I do want to make it clear that 100% shea butter is not the most pleasant smell, however the scent fades quickly. But because it is 100% pure I love it!
retails $22 cdn
For more info:
Sweet Leaf Bath Co.
I already have a wishlist of other items:
OM soap bar
Java Scrub (for after the baby is born)
Sweet Sugar Scrubs (for stretch marks, hello so need this)
Face polish

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  1. Hmmm....interesting. I am having problems with dry skin lately and I think this could help me with my problem. I will def check this one out.


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