August 20, 2013

Babymoon: Travel Tuesday

Babymoon trend
The latest trend for mom's to be? Babymoons! A getaway before the baby arrives and a much needed R&R with the daddy to be is a great way to : obviously relax and connect with your partner. However, don't wait too long in your pregnancy to go away on vacation as most airlines require a doctor's note to state expected date of birth. Normally, a no go after 32 weeks.
Originally, I too wanted to go on a mini babymoon but with my husband's work schedule it just wasn't possible + working as a flight attendant the last thing I want to do is get on a plane. I stopped working flights at the end of six months, back pain & swelling just aren't the right combo for a flying metal tube. But, a few friends of mine have gone on babymoons and were so grateful for the getaway. Once the baby comes forget about sleep...

If you do get away remember to:
Use sunscreen! Skinceuticals Super Physical for face is my fave and the new Neutrogena Beach Defense spray-on sunscreen is super easy to apply.
Cover up at the beach! Wear a fashionable light cover. No mama wants to get over heated + the heat just = swelling!
Wear a hat!
Drink lots of water!
Vacation/Health insurance (be prepared) 
And relax...

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  1. Well goodness, what a romantic idea! You're smart to mention things like health insurance and lots of sun cover. It's a time when you want to be even more prepared than usual -- plus, knowing you're covered would probably make it even easier to relax. :)


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