September 26, 2013

Pink Tartan debuts washable collection for Tide® Pods {fashion}

Canadian fashion designer Kimberly Newport-Mimran launched the Pink Tartan Washable Collection for Tide Pods at her flagship store last week in Yorkville. The collection stays true to Pink Tartan’s commitment of creating chic, essential pieces for the busy modern woman and features a selection of
pants, tops and dresses that are both functional and stylish. Best of all – they can be safely and easily washed at home using Tide Pods!
Classic neutrals are complimented by a bright and intense colour palette that is sure to dazzle this Fall. The lovely camel and black leopard print top, and black and white “trompe l’oeil” dress – with a cute collar and button pattern sewn in to trick the eye – would make unique additions to anyone’s wardrobe, but the star of this show was definitely the new signature keyhole sweater.
Director of flagship Melissa Dixon says these “are a must-have” and helped me try one on in the newest colour – a gorgeous cobalt blue. Other colours available include a traditional green and powerful blood orange. The specially created synthetic material felt surprisingly light and smooth against my skin, and the fabric draped nicely so the sweater could easily be worn tucked in or out, layered over top of a collared-shirt and used year-round. The $275 price tag might be steep for some, but given the flexibility of this high-quality garment and the fact that it is washable, I would say it’s a good investment piece for the long-term.

Designer and Founder of Pink Tartan Kim agrees and says “You can wash it a million times and it will never lose its colour!” She likes to tell people to try it out and prove her wrong, and given how often it will be worn, I’d say I’m up to the challenge!
The Pink Tartan Washable Collection for Tide Pods will be available in stores this fall and throughout
2014. For more information, visit and

Sidonie Wybourn is an actress and freelance writer based in Toronto. She is a self-professed Sephora 
addict, and has previously been published online at Explore Music and The Circumference


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