November 15, 2013

motherhood: lifestyle

It's been two months since my life has changed...the arrival of my son is one of the most beautiful moments of my life to date. It also changed my life completely.
Although I dabble in lifestyle blogging primarily my blog is about beauty, duh the title states it all. However, I quickly realized that many of you enjoy reading my mommy posts as they have now become the most popular. My friends actually read my blog now! I also realized that many of my friends don't actually give a shit care about makeup and skincare. The later I had already assumed as their eyes glass over when I talk about the latest makeup releases. But when it comes time to raid my beauty closet their like kids on Christmas morning. Which is ok and hence why I originally started this blog, to share my love of beauty.

Friends and family asked if I would stop blogging since my son arrived. In all honesty, I didn't know the answer because my schedule no longer was controlled by me but by my son. Quickly realizing that breastfeeding and social events were no longer possible in the same sentence I recruited Sidonie as a contributor. The blog room a.k.a second bedroom become the nursery, my beauty closet was now a cabinet in my bedroom

My flight attendant uniform was replaced by my mommy uniform; tights, button-down shirts, nursing tanks, and flats. And my schedule involves late night parties to the booby milk bar!

Friends remark how I look "well rested". I thank my work for the great preparation: red-eyes, jetlag, time changes, and restless nights at strange hotels. No change in sleep patterns. Eating standing up in galleys. No change in eating habits. I do miss the socialization and shopping. But I wouldn't change a thing! Because it will all be waiting for me after maternity leave. The only change is I'll have my little one waiting for me when I get home...

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