November 21, 2013

Two Month Favourites: Baby

Two Month Baby Favourites

Already at the two month mark & I can't believe how time flies. Here are a few favourites that baby & mom have been enjoying!

Mustela Foam Shampoo For Newborns
A couple of weeks back I noticed my son had cradle cap. Literally, from one day to the next! A little research later & I realized that here are no hardcore treatments that eventually the baby dandruff goes away naturally. However, I wanted to speed the process. A little olive oil or coconut oil messaged into scalp & an hour later I use Mustella Foam Shampoo for Newborns which is meant for cradle cap. The salicylic acid mildly exfoliates the flakes away. While washing his head gently I also use a baby brush & gently brush his hair.

Pure Cotton Dribble Bibs - Marks & Spencer
I love these soft cotton bibs from Marks & Spencer. The triangle shape makes it easy to wipe dribble away from his cheeks. My husband says he looks like a cowboy but I think the bibs are so cute. Also, shipping to Canada is free with orders over  £30.

ERGObaby Carrier + Newborn Insert

I love my carrier & so does baby. He literally passes out immediately when I put him in for our walks & shopping trips.
Sudocrem Diaper Rash Cream
I've tried other diaper rash creams & this one is the best!

Old Navy Baby clothes
Affordable and soft cotton make Old Navy my top choice for baby clothes.

Difrax Pacifier
My son is a booby boy and he knows when I try to use a pacifier. It was tough trying to find one he likes. The Difrax is the only one he allows me to use/ The Avent pacifiers is a close second choice.

Lamaze Jacques the Peacock
He's still too young to play with toys but he loves to stare at Jacques the Peacock. I attached this to the swing & he stays entertained.

Any favourites your baby likes?
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