January 27, 2014

It's a Peel Party: Philosophy

When I got the invite for Philosophy’s Peel Party at Sephora, I was a little nervous: It’s almost impossible for me to walk into any Sephora store without buying a little more than I intended, so the idea of spending a few hours there was intimidating to say the least.

More to the point, as the date approached I realized I knew next to nothing about facial peels! My sensitive dry skin cringed at the thought of having its layers scraped away, and I kept thinking about that iconic scene from Sex and the City where Samantha shows up to Carrie’s big book launch dressed like a bee-keeper at a funeral to cover her frighteningly raw red face after a chemical peel disaster.

Luckily, Philosophy’s Peel Party was nothing like that! We were in good hands with Philosophy’s Director of Global Press Robin White, who went through all the basics and did step-by-step demonstrations so that by the end of the morning all the novices like me were peel pros! This is what we learned:

A peel is really just a different kind of exfoliation for your skin, but one that is more thorough and can go deeper than your typical scrub. When we are young and healthy, it takes about 28 days for new cells to get to the surface of the skin. This process takes much longer as we get older – the fresh skin cells are still there, but they are hiding under layers of old dead skin cells that need to be removed regularly.

Philosophy suggests you “Peel to reveal that great skin hiding underneath” and has a few easy daily and weekly options you can use in your own home with no down time to keep your skin looking its best. One thing I love about all these products is that they are delivering beneficial ingredients into your skin while they also get rid of those dead skin cells so you’re getting a full treatment and more bang for your buck.

Once a Week:

Micro exfoliating triple-acid brightening peel, $88 (for a pack of 12) – These pre-soaked gentle chemical peel pads are the easiest and fastest option to rejuvenate skin. The pads use mandelic acid (which comes from almonds and has the same benefits as glycolic acid without the risk of irritation) to brighten skin and two other natural acids to lift dark spots in uneven areas.  I love that this peel only takes 30 seconds, is soothing enough for people with acne-prone skin to use, and is the perfect portable travel companion. Oh and the delicious almond scent is a bonus!

Micro exfoliating treatment kit, $70 – This 2 phase physical peel is fun to use and gives your skin a much-needed dose of vitamin C while it works. The thick citrus-scented scrub is gentle and luxurious. When combined with the activator gel it turns into a foam leaving skin softer and hydrated afterward. I’m not surprised they call this one the “3 minute miracle”.

Once a Day:

Miracle worker miraculous anti-aging lactic acid cleanser & mask, $45 – This super gentle anti-aging cleanser can also be used as a 5 minute mask. It’s technically not a peel but uses lactic acid to nurture the skin as it gently resurfaces. A good one to try if you have sensitive skin.

Micro exfoliating wash, $27 for 240ml and $44 for 480ml – A really nice scrub you can use in the shower every day. Replenishes and protects the skin with antioxidants and is sulfate-free. Watch out – I’ve been told that roommates and partners will love it as much as you, so it might not last if you leave it unattended!

At Night:

Hope in a jar night intense retexturizing moisturizer, $55 for 60ml – The new night time version of Philosophy’s classic Hope in a Jar is like a mini overnight peel. It uses a special method to deliver a small amount of glycolic acid to the areas that need it most, and beta-glucan to strengthen skin cells. At night the moisture levels of your skin actually drop, so it’s important to restore and repair skin with a great night cream. Excited to try this one out.

contributor: Sidonie Wybourn

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