January 30, 2014

Fashion Magazine: Beauty Awards & Giveaway

How many times have we flipped the pages of a magazine and been seduced by the beauty ads? I know I have. But what really gets me slipping on the heels with wallet in hand to buy the next best beauty product are blog reviews and readers' top picks.

FASHION Magazine has released the results of their Annual Readers' Choice Awards now in its 12th year in the February issue. More than 40 products in 6 categories made the final cut. I had the chance to interview Beauty Director, Lesa Hannah.

(1)  The Readers' Choice Awards are now 12 years old. Have the readers top choices changed since the first awards or remained the same?

They’ve generally stayed the same more or less. M.A.C. always slays everyone in makeup, Clinique has yet to be toppled in certain skincare categories, and no one has ever won women’s fragrance other than Chanel No 5.

(2) Are you ever surprised at the readers' top product choices?

Yes, when a new winner is crowned in a category! Because some brands are able to maintain on iron grip on certain categories (like the ones that I mentioned) it’s great to see other ones emerge as frontrunners. I’m also surprised when a smaller brand wins; competing in the beauty marketplace is so challenging, so when the smaller guys are able to get in there, I can’t help but want to get behind them.

(4) Any personal standout favourites?

I love that Burt’s Bees has been winning lip balm for many years now because they’re a natural brand, and I have a soft spot for those. I also think it’s amazing that L’Occitane won for hand cream because the shea butter balms are a bit of a luxury. They come in the coolest metal tubes and they’re not a brand that’s widely available, yet apparently they sell one of these every 3 seconds worldwide.

(5) What are the main trends for Spring 2014?

In terms of skin, there’s a lot of dewiness again. Pastel colours, for eyes and lips, are having a moment and orange is the biggest message for lips. In hair, we saw lots of natural texture—very “what, I woke up looking like this”—as well as low ponytails. So yay, looking like you didn’t spend too much on time on your hair will work for you this season.

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(DKNY Spring 2014, image courtesy Revlon Canada via ROI Relations)

For the complete list of Fashion Magazine 12th Annual Readers' Choice Beauty Awards pick up the February 2014 issue with Lady Gaga on the cover!

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