February 01, 2014

PR & the Blogger: Olivia Wu

PR and blogging

A large part of blogging is the relationships that develop with Public Relations reps. Over the years I have met amazing people. There are reps that I have known for years but have never met in person due to distance or scheduling conflicts which meant I haven't been able to attend events. Nonetheless, putting a face to a name is always an interesting experience as you never know what to expect in person. Sort of like a blind date!

One P.R rep that I have know for quite some time is Olivia Wu. She has always been professional and friendly. Always willing to send me products that I love! And she has the nicest eyebrows in the biz.
I recently interviewed her on the role of PR and blogging.

(1) What is the role of PR and the blogger? 

A working relationship built on trust and constant communication. As a PR pro, I love working with bloggers to develop content that generates the best coverage for the brands I represent, but also fits well with their blog and appeals to their readers.  It should be a win-win situation.

(2) How about if bloggers write to you first? 

It’s always great to hear from new bloggers or existing bloggers I have not worked with before. As long as they are based in Canada and produce regular content, I’m happy to work with them. Even better when bloggers pitch me with an interesting way of integrating my client on their site. We like to be pitched as well! 

(3) Is there a limit on how many samples go out to bloggers? And what is the best policy if a blogger doesn't like the product sent (i.e don't blog about it, etc...)

It really depends on product inventory, but I’m always happy to send refills on favourite products. I think the best blog posts are ones that come in the blogger’s authentic voice, so if they genuinely love a product, to me that is a PR win. In my experience, I’ve had bloggers notify me that a certain product didn’t work for them, so while the product might be great for many people, they won’t be mentioning it on their blog. This hasn’t happened too often, but I do appreciate the honesty. 

(4) What is the future of PR and the blogger? 

I think the PR and blogger relationship is constantly evolving and it always amazes me how much the landscape has changed, and how it continues to change. With new sites popping up everyday, and paid partnerships, the bar will be set even higher for bloggers to grow followers and stay relevant. 

(5) Given that bloggers are given products free for review. Some would say that bloggers are providing free advertisement to the respective companies. What are your thoughts?

I see it from both sides. In order to stay authentic and be “influential”, bloggers need to be honest and completely transparent with their readers.

Olivia Wu- Torontonian, beauty and fashion publicist, prolific home cook and aspiring yogi. She’s represented major beauty brands, so it’s no surprise that she’s big on skincare. She would never leave the house without her Vitamin C serum and tinted sunscreen – mineral-based is key. And when it comes to makeup, it’s very minimal - winged eyeliner, blush and a good brow gel and pencil. Defined brows make a huge difference.

Follow her on Twitter/Instagram @livwu to learn more.

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