May 08, 2014

balancing a blog & family: tips

Lately, I've been asked (mostly by family members) and friends how do I balance family and writing a blog. Well...late nights (not a morning person)! Now that my baby boy is at the eight month mark I am finding it harder to keep up. However, I've always considered my blog a creative outlet therefore when I'm not feeling so creative I step back.
What started as a hobby is treated more like a job (one that I enjoy) because if I actually don't schedule blog time then I wouldn't get any of it done. To throw more stress into the pot I've also created a small business on etsy, Ele & Ela.

So you want to start a blog? Before I get into technical terms i.e which blogging platform I like best, etc...Let's look at other factors.
  1. Balance: before you even pick a topic to blog about can you invest the time? Regardless if you're single, married and/or have children. You need time! Start by scheduling a few minutes a day and write about a topic you like. You don't necessarily have to post these journals but more of a preparatory tool. I will add that blog posts are most successful when accompanied with great photos.
  2. Investment: so you don't necessarily have to have a DSLR camera (on my wishlist) but atleast a decent mobile camera phone. People love pictures!! It truly is a window into your daily life! Hello Instagram!
  3. Support: I haven't always had the best support system. When I first stared blogging seven years ago many (ahem family members) didn't fathom the idea. That's ok! Not everyone shares the same interests. And if you're blogging about a certain topic you will meet other bloggers who do share these interests. It can be tough when you hear about other bloggers' partners who take their pictures, edit their images, basically help with behind the scenes. I can't expect my husband to do that because he doesn't enjoy it...not his thing. Basically, don't give up if you're passionate about starting a blog.
  4. Perseverance: Rome wasn't built in a day! It takes time to build a following. Keep at it! And don't allow yourself to compare your blog to others. It's not a competition.
Hope these tips were helpful! And if you like these Blog Help Tips let me know!

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