May 30, 2014

swimwear shopping: post-baby body

Yesterday I went swimsuit shopping! Yes, we all know where I am going with this. Right? Swimsuit shopping sucks big time and even more so post-baby. Argh! I am to blame. I haven't seen the inside of a gym since baby came along. Who am I kidding! I haven't seen an inside of a gym ever as I've never had a membership. I don't like working I am lazy when it comes to working out. Growing up I was rather sporty. Played soccer throughout highschool (didn't say I was the best but I was on the team) and was in ballet as a child. So, your muscle has memory?

For the best swimwear post-baby my favourite choices were:
High waist retro style! Hands down the most flattering style suit. Of course the one piece is always forgiving but the high waist means I could wear a bikini. Also, make sure it falls above the belly button and has front darts (panel with two seams) or else it just looks like you are wearing granny panties.
Vacation here I come! Two more weeks and I'll be headed to Florida for our first family vacation with my eight month old.
Do you have a hard time finding a swimsuit?

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