May 01, 2014

What's new on Wednesdays: Kosmea Skincare

What's new on Wednesday is a new series. Although not necessarily new in the market I bring you products that are new in my kit or skincare routine. Products that I am loving and worth mentioning. Of course I don't love every new skincare or makeup product so by highlighting the best and making it easier for you, the reader, to decide what your next new favourite can be.
Kosmea Skincare is an Australian natural skincare line, which owes its success to Rose Hip Oil. From there the company garnered success and thus developed a skincare line based on all natural ingredients.
Since last year I have to admit my skincare routine has been fairly simple (well atleast for a beauty blogger). Being a new mom and because I breastfeed my baby I tried to keep my routine fairly chemical free.

Kosmea's Eighth Natural Wonder Serum: with hibiscus extract as one main ingredient which aids in minimizing wrinkles.
For me, I love that skin is hydrated and plump. Most anti-aging products tend to be thick and too moisturizing for my combination skin type. This serum is fluid enough where my skin absorbs it wonderfully without a heavy feel. My skin literally looks like a "good skincare day" everyday.

Kosmea is available at Abundance Naturally
50ml $74.99
What's new in your skincare routine?

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