September 04, 2014

Zoom! A brighter smile

A smile can mean so much...and a bright white smile is like the cherry on top of the sundae. Working with the public as a flight attendant I've always wanted to whiten my teeth but I had heard a few stories of "will hurt your teeth" and "will make your teeth more sensitive". Yikes! I had considered getting the procedure done abroad (as do many flight attendants) but didn't want to risk it. Also, I was worried about going too white. You know like telenovela actress blue/white where you risk blinding your lovers (oh wait that's just on daytime soaps). You get the picture!
I had the Zoom Whitening procedure done in-office at ToothWorks (Bay & Adelaide location). The Philips Zoom! White Speed Light-Activated whitening system is an in-office dental treatment that provides immediate results. Can whiten teeth up to 8 shades whiter in 45-60 minutes. Can be customized for individual sensitivity.
The procedure:
  • Prior to arrival, Toothworks had me fill out a New Patient Health Form (health history, etc...)
  • a consultation with a dentist * it is recommended that you have had your teeth cleaned astleast 4-6 months prior to the Zoom Whitening procedure to ensure better results*
  • here are a few F.A.Q about Zoom Whitening
  • a mouth guard is placed in your mouth (view above image) and protective eyewear
  • gums are protected using a special gel and then the unique hydrogen peroxide gel is applied
  • the hydrogen peroxide gel breaks down the stains on and in your teeth
  • the Philips Zoom Whitespeed lamp is placed on your teeth (hence why you wear the protective eyewear) for about 15 minutes
  • this is done in increments of 15 minutes up to 4x (depending on teeth and gum sensitivity)
  • a dental assistant is with you during this whole process to ensure you're comfortable and to monitor sensitivity
  • in my case, I almost fell asleep (as a new mom any hour to myself is like a spa). Take note not common, I want to make it clear that my pain threshold is tolerable and everyone can experience different levels of sensitivity
  • after the procedure, a sensitive relief gel is applied
  • a take-home kit is also given with the sensitive relief gel and vitamin E (which can be used on gums on lips)
  • unfortunately my before picture was too blurry to post, however, as you can see in the above picture an example of the shade of my teeth prior and an example of the after (so my shade is in between those two teeth examples)
  • my teeth were whitened 1 1/2 shades, which for me was the perfect amount
  • as mentioned above I had no real sensitivity issues during the procedure however I did experience a few "zingers" afterwards
  • not going to lie a little painful but nothing unbearable, but only the night-of I had no sensitivity issues the next day
  • recommended that you do not drink any dark coloured beverages afterwards for the next two days

For more information:
333 Bay Street, unit C20
Toronto, ON
(416) 869-9888

*highly recommend Toothworks, very professional staff and friendly
*price based on consultation

(review: based on personal experience, service provided by Toothworks. No financial compensation will be received. Opinions expressed are property of

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