November 24, 2016

Tata Harper Skincare & Interview

"Latin American women love taking care of's part of being a woman. Just a natural extension of our being..."-Tata Harper

When Tata Harper spoke at a media event this past Fall in Toronto, I knew right away we could be friends. Perhaps, it's a European thing too! Growing up with a European mom I was always taught to take care of my skin from a young age. And I find in North America we don't necessarily pamper ourselves. Yes, we get facials and like to go to the spa. But, we want fast results and a one step skincare solution. Tata Harper, spoke about the importance of skincare and pampering ourselves. Layering and properly cleansing our skin instead of layering with makeup.

Colombian-born, Tata Harper now lives in the U.S on a farm in Vermont where her namesake line is made. Her farm is essentially her "lab" which is where her products are made from scratch. Normally, when you think natural Green beauty you don't associate luxury and high-end. Tata Harper skincare is like no other Green beauty products I have tried. These products are packed with 100% natural, chemical-free and effective ingredients. Harper's beginning was due to the lack of natural effective toxin-free products available in the market. More than a decade ago, her step-father was diagnosed with cancer. Thus, on her search to find natural products that didn't contain synthetic ingredients she realized that there was a lack of natural skincare items that were basically natural.
I recently had the opportunity to ask Tata a few questions. Hope you enjoy my little interview with her.
(1) Living on a farm and being able to basically "live" in a skincare lab. How would you describe your typical day?

I’m constantly traveling, so it’s hard to say that I have a typical day, but I do have a pretty consistent routine when I’m home on the farm. I usually wake up around 6:15 and meditate for a half hour, then have breakfast with my kids before school. At the office I’m usually in meetings for most of the day, so I finally got a standing desk! After work I exercise - I like to mix it up and try lots of things, like circuit training, running, and TRX. It’s so necessary for me, and keeps me energized. Then I get to play with my kids, and we have dinner as a family. Next is bath time. My kids and I add our own essential oil blends depending on our moods - it’s such a nice and soothing ritual. I get to spend some time with each of my kids individually when I put them to bed. I love this time with them, since this is when they tend to really open up and share their thoughts and dreams with me. Once they’re all tucked in, I check email or read the articles and journals I can’t get to during the day, meditate for another half hour, and go to sleep. 

(2) Being able to pick and choose any skincare item from your namesake line. Is there a skincare regime you follow? Or do you change your regime constantly?

In order to really get the benefits from your skincare, you need to maintain a complete and consistent regimen. You won’t typically see great results from a product if you’re only using it occasionally. 

I love the ritual of layering many products. In the morning I exfoliate with the Regenerating Cleanser to remove build up and prevent dullness. I follow with several spritzes of Hydrating Floral Essence to add moisture and help my serums go further. I use Elixir Vitae Serum on my face, Boosted Contouring Serum on my neck, and Elixir Vitae Eye Serum around my eyes. I have dry skin, so hydration is a really important step for me. I use the Repairative Moisturizer on my face and Restorative Eye Creme around my eyes. I finish with a protective layer of Replenishing Nutrient Complex and Be Adored for soft rosy lips. If I want to look a little more polished and glowy, I use the Illuminating Moisturizer and Illuminating Eye Creme, and dab Very Naughty on my cheeks. 

(3) Lastly, when I think "natural" skincare I am always worried about items expiring. Which I think is a good think because I know there are no chemicals keeping the ingredients "best before due date". But, essentially how do natural skincare products stay "fresh" within a time-frame without having to be placed in the fridge. 

We actually use 100% natural preservatives, which help keep your product fresh and stable just like synthetic preservatives, although they usually don’t last quite as long (but who wants to put a 3 year-old product on their face anyway?). One of the preservatives we use most often is from fermented radish roots. 

Thank you to Tata for taking the time to answer! She is so lovely.
Thus far I've had the chance to try:
Illuminating Moisturizer ($85 US) is a must-have especially under makeup when you just need that extra glow. Contains real diamond dust which is what makes your skin glow. A real nice moisturizer without being greasy. TIP: mix it with your foundation to add a touch of an illuminating effect but without obvious glitter. 

Illuminating Eye Creme ($95 US) is similar to the Illuminating Moisturizer but for the delicate eye area. Again, this is fantastic for when you haven't had enough sleep and you need a little glow. 

Tata Harper skincare products can be found:
Tata Harper  (online & enter your postal code for a store near you)

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