November 04, 2016

HBC & SAKS Fifth Ave bring Mariah Carey to Toronto for the Holiday Windows reveal!

The iconic Hudson's Bay Holiday windows have always been part of the Holiday tradition growing up in Toronto. Take the subway downtown and grab a hot chocolate was all part of the festivities. Well, this year Hudson's Bay and SAKS Fifth Avenue went all out with special guest, Mariah Carey. It is rumoured the total cost of last night's reveal is 1.5 million.
Part of Queen Street was blocked off, Mariah Carey sang two of her most famous Christmas songs to a huge crowd which gathered for a free night to hear the songstress. Afterwards, the famous Holiday windows were revealed.
This year's Holiday theme, Enchanted Forest which spans five windows;
  • Bunnies ice-skating on a forest pond, while squirrels above play
  • Mice frolicking merrily atop a bear that’s covered in snow
  • Mother owl perched on her treetop nest, protecting her new-born babies
  • Peaceful foxes slumbering underground, while dancing raccoons try to wake them
  • A gaggle of geese wrapped in a wreath, snow-shoeing through the forest
If you're in the Toronto area, grab a hot chocolate and head to Yonge and Queen Street to explore the Enchanted Forest

(images courtesy of Rock It Promotions)

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