August 21, 2017

Body oils for pregnancy

During your pregnancy you will eventually be super itchy. Weather it be your belly or any other part of your body. That's where oils are your skin's best friend and you want to keep your body well moisturized. With my first pregnancy I was fortunate not to get any stretch marks on my belly. I also was a well oiled machine! Morning and night I constantly rubbed oil on my belly and breast area. With this pregnancy I haven't been so strict.

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Here are a few new additions to my routine. Missing is my beloved Mama Mio Tummy Rub oil; hands down still one of my favourite all time body oils. However, it's a bit difficult to find in North America (it's a U.K brand) and on my last London layover I just didn't want to bother with decanting a bottle into two due to airport liquid restrictions.

SAJE Mother's Wellness Stretch Mark Blend: a new addition this time around. This oil has a nice relaxing subtle scent. 100% natural and vegan (perfect for my vegan readers). Spreads nicely and keeps my skin moisturized for the entire day. Doesn't stain clothes and make me feel oily. The bottle will also last you longer than your pregnancy (I am only half way thru).
retails $29.95 CDN
full list of ingredients

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Oil: I love this oil as a scented oil. I use this all year round and now that I am pregnant use it only on my chest and neck area for a subtle scent instead of using perfume. It's a light oil that spreads nicely. I normally stock up on NUXE products when in Paris for work.
$46 CDN

LIVE CLEAN Baby and Mommy Bath & Massage Oil: a light weight 100% safflower oil that has a light baby subtle scent. I love this oil for not only myself but I use it on my toddler. No mineral oil and paraben & phthalate-free.
under $8 CDN

Beauty Counter BABY Soothing Oil: if you're looking for scent-free oil this one is for you! I actually love using this on my legs after a shave. Non-irritating and soothing. A mix of coconut, jojoba, and sunflower seed oils. Great for sensitive skin!
$28 CDN
full list of ingredients

ADVISORY: make sure the oils you're using during pregnancy are safe! Good rule of thumb is if it's safe for baby it should be good for mama. However, during your first trimester you should take caution and speak to your doctor. I only start using oils once I have a bump. Around the 4th month mark.


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