August 24, 2017

Favourite Cleansers for Pregnancy

Skincare during your pregnancy can be a nightmare. Mainly, because your hormones are all over the place. Luckly, I haven't had any major issues. Yes, a few pimples underneath the skin but none that actually came to the surface. And, every week my skin type changed. This is what worked for me:

LUXE Face Cleansing & Make Up Removing Gel: this cleanser has the typical NUXE honey scent (actually a little stronger than most other LUXE products) I am not a huge fan of the scent, however, I like it as a morning cleanser. It's not the best at removing eye makeup so you have to use a separate cleanser. However, it is really gentle and if you're suffering from breakouts this would work great. I use this when I am feeling oily or on days I didn't wear a lot of makeup.
$21 CDN

Monika Schnarre Skin Calming Cleanser: I LOVE this cleanser!! This is my third bottle of the cleanser. Washes off makeup and does not strip my skin. Can be found at most health food stores (i.e Goodness Me, Whole Foods etc...) take note that there's a newer packing that is black and white. Has a nice natural scent.
$12.99 CDN

L'Oreal Hydra Total 5 Ultra Fresh Cleanser: my second tube of this cleanser and it is amazing!! This is  my go to evening cleanser. Removes makeup well and does not strip my skin. For stubborn makeup a double cleanse is necessary. For such an inexpensive cleanser it is excellent. Highly recommend this one!!
$8.99 CDN

Aveeno Positively Radiant 60 Second In-Shower Facial: this is a new product from Aveeno. It's a facial in a bottle and works best in the shower because of the steam. It's a scrub, mask, and peel all in one. Such an easy product to use! I use this in my morning shower and love that it keeps my pores clean especially during my pregnancy.
$9.99 CDN

For all my pregnant mamas which skincare products were your favourites?

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