September 07, 2017

Why you should continue with hair removal in the Fall & Winter

Let's be honest now...hands up who goes into hibernation in the Fall and Winter? Body hair hibernation. Once the Seasons change I get lazy with body hair removal and take out my razor more often than I should. And, sure the razor is quick and easy but if you really want to minimise body hair shaving is not exactly the best route.
Laser Hair Removal: is the best route but can be expensive. With the Tria Laser Precision, the earlier you start in the colder Seasons the better! This is a great slim tool if you want to do smaller areas like your underarm, bikini or upper lip. I started using this last year but once I discovered I was pregnant I stopped. I also used it the year before. With home hair removal lasers remember you won't get the quick results like in a salon but with consistency you will find that this actually works. Take note that this takes many months to see results.
Hair cream removal: not sure if it's a generation thing but my mom loves cream hair removals. I do like the ease of using cream hair removals. Especially if your Fall/Winter months include a last minute Summer getaway. For face, forget it I can't use this at all near my upper lip. It's so sensitive that I turn red for days. But, for the bikini line works great. My fave is the NAIR Nourish Creme for legs and body with Grape Seed Oil.

Waxing: is quick and easy (if your using pre-waxed strips) for face and legs. Again, for face forget it! I can't use wax on my face. My facial skin can tolerate glycolic acid but if I use wax I break out and turn red. However, for the body the strips are fantastic for legs. And, as I have to wear a uniform for work I like the ease of the strips in Winter. Nair Wax-Ready Strips are my favourite as no rubbing between your palms.
Epilators: I first used an epilator back in the 90s when my sister purchased one. Back then they had wire coils and would get stuck. Well, they've come a long way. The coils are gone! Instead the coils have been replaced with tweezing discs. The Philips SatinTouch Precision is a slender inexpensive epilator that is a good starter. Ideal shape is meant for smaller areas; underarms, bikini line, and face. Again, I wasn't brave enough to use this on my face but for the underarms I loved it! Not going to lie it does hurt a bit (but it's a good hurt...if you know what I mean). Hurts less on the legs and much better than shaving. I have friends that swear by epilators and after years of usage have less hair growth. So, something to try this Fall and Winter! Also, no mess and easy to pack for travel.
$39.99 (available at Shoppers Drug Mart)
Shaving: shaving is for the lazy gal! Perfect when you're in a hurry and need to tidy up. Philips Satin Perfect Cordless Epilator, yes this another epilator with changeable heads. I love using the shaving attachment on this tool. Can be used on wet or dry skin (I prefer dry). To get a smooth shave hold the skin taut and an easy fix for the colder months. This particular model is harder to find as it's an older version but many others on the market.
prices vary

Which is your favourite method of hair removal?

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